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This is where you can create an account or do administrative tasks, like manage your settings, lists, etc. Although it is possible to use the website for reading tweets, it is strongly recommended that you use a social media management platform (such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck) to be able to filter content into columns. A couple of analogy for this is being able to change channels on a TV set or visit different Youtube channels. On the Twitter homepage, you see all of the tweets from all of the various accounts you follow in one stream, which can be disorienting if shifting contexts from pottery to technology to politics. Using a management tool, you can set up columns of different feeds for different keywords (hashtags) or for different lists of accounts (educators, politicians, news organizations, etc.). There are a loads of resources online you can use to orient yourself to Twitter, and we will go over this in class, but we will put a few links below to get you started. If you would like to add a recommended resource here or share an article for our news section, please email edci336 at uvic dot ca.


David Truss’ Resource for Educators
Twitter EDU: Your One-Stop-All-You-Need-To-Know Guide to Twitter

Twitter chats

Twitter hashtags

Hootsuite (select free plan)

Hootsuite is a social media management platform, that can allow you to manage up to three social media profiles at once under their free plan (so you can load 3 twitter profiles or you can do 3 profiles across different platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin).

Tweetdeck (free plan)

Tweetdeck is similar to Hootsuite, but only manages Twitter. You can manage multiple Twitter profiles under one login.