Twitter Competencies

Note: You may establish an understanding of these competencies without being required to have a Twitter account with personal information.

  • Basic Skills:
    • Understand the basic operations in communication by tweets
      • What is a handle/twitter username
      • How someone is mentioned
      • Reply to a tweet
      • How a retweet works
      • What is a hashtag and how it works
      • The options available to create an account with or without personal information (e.g., “first name last name” vs. “West coast teacher”)
      • What is a protected account and the impact it has on visibility on certain components and
      • The impact of not completing a bio on hashtag visibility
    • Be able to replace the “egg” with an image (does not have to be a personal image and can be an avatar using an image of flowers, etc.)
    • Be able to compose a bio using details appropriate to one’s privacy preferences. Further bio options include a link to one’s blog, location (note: this can be left as general as “earth”)
    • How to create a tweet that appears on the course hashtag.
    • Understand what a twitter chat is and to participate in one (see a full list of twitter chats here)
    • How to attach images or memes to a tweet
    • How to use a twitter management tool (e.g., hootsuite or tweetdeck) and to know the different features available between the two programs, as well as the restrictions from using just the main website
    • What a list is, how is it used, how to create one and how to subscribe to one. After you make some of your own lists, consider subscribing to these (will link when created):

      Spring 2019 EDCI 336 Elementary Yr2 List by Valerie Irvine
      Fall 2018 EDCI 336 Secondary Cohort 2 List by Valerie Irvine
      Fall 2018 EDCI 336 Secondary Cohort 1 List by Valerie Irvine
      Fall 2018 EDCI 336 Elementary 4-year List by Valerie Irvine
      Fall 2018 EDCI 336 Elementary PDPP List by Rich McCue

      BC Principals List & Getting Start List by Chris Wejr
      BC Superintendents List by Chris Kennedy

    • How to create a column in either Hootsuite or Tweetdeck using a list and using a hashtag (consider #edci336 #edci336news #uviced #uvic #edchat #edtech #edtechbc #bcedchat #bclearns and perhaps some districts like #sd61learn #sd63 #sd36learn #vsb39 or areas of interest like #kinderchat #mathchat or see a long list here)
    • Awareness of privacy and FIPPA when tweeting and using a consent-based approach to posting personal information about others.
    • Awareness of the extra layer of privacy when tweeting as a “public body” when in the role of a teacher (preservice or inservice)
    • Understand how muting, blocking, and reporting works
    • Understand the various settings in your profile under settings (e.g., privacy, notifications, ability to change your username, etc.) and customize them to one’s preferences
  • Advanced Skills:
    • Embed a twitter widget on a WordPress blog
    • Download your history of tweets (“request your archive”)
    • Embed a tweet in a WordPress post
    • Copy a link to a tweet
    • How to use analytics in Twitter
    • Curate “liked” tweets in Diigo
    • Understand tools to manage/identify followers/following status (e.g., Who Unfollowed Me)