Tech Inquiry Assignment

Tech Inquiry (30%)

  • Addresses all ISTE NETS*T Outcomes and all UVic TEP Outcomes.

You are expected to work in groups of 4 and not overlap topics with other groups. This assignment is very similar to Assignment 1, except in this inquiry project, you will be delimited in scope to a topic related to educational technology. You will also be expected to showcase your learning to the class in a 30-minute period that could consist of a presentation and/or demo. You will also be expected to prepare a list of key readings and resources on your topic, which will serve as classmates’ readings on the topic for that week.

You will use the same blog as for Assignment 1 and will document weekly learning progress and one final post curating the class showcase. One member can take a turn providing the update each week, but this update can be copied/posted across all group member blogs. The category “tech inquiry” on your blog will be used for the technology-related inquiry question you will explore.

You must also have your learning planning visible for your instructor. A separate Trello board (US cloud-hosted) will be set up for you for tech inquiry learning plan documentation with input restricted to the instructor and other collaborators/mentors for input regarding your tasks to provide guidance. Alternatives to Trello can be provided based on privacy preferences. Your learning plan will be co-constructed with your instructor. Criteria for completion requires incorporation of all of the required educational and technology competencies in either this assignment or Assignment 1 or 3. Please refer to the educational and technology competency lists that will be handed out in class and posted on the course website.

Sample Tech Inquiry Questions for Inspiration:

  • What is the role of cell phones in schools? What are the policies and research around this? What is my policy?
  • How does technology help me in answering an inquiry question?
  • Does Augmented Reality have a place in K-12 education?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of Google apps for education?
  • Can Kahoot be an effective formative and summative assessment tool?
  • What makes a good classroom website/blog? and plan to create one.
  • How can video recording and editing be used effectively in teaching and learning? by both the teacher and the learner?
  • What are some technologies that can help students with learning difficulties?
  • Are there Ed Tech tools to make individualized learning easier to implement? What different types of individualized learning are there?
  • What are the primary internet safety issues for use in the classroom, and how can they be most effectively taught?
  • What role, if any, should Minecraft, coding, or 3D printing have in K-12?
  • How compelling is current virtual reality technology for going on otherwise “impossible” field trips?