Course Outline

This section contains selected components from your course outline. For full details, please refer to the course outline that was emailed to you for your section.

A foundation for using technology in the teaching and learning process and for the development of personal learning networks to support ongoing professional development. Students will explore how to design and develop learning experiences intended to improve learning, enrich professional practice, and provide positive models for students, colleagues, and the community.

Effective teachers model and apply technology standards for their students as they design, implement, and assess learning experiences to engage students to improve learning; enrich professional practice; and provide positive models for students, colleagues, and the community. This course has goals and performance indicators aligned with the UVic Teacher Education Program Learning Outcomes and International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS*T).

No textbook purchase is required. Students are required to read the twitter stream at and instructor news posted at Any required or recommended readings will be distributed electronically to the course twitter #edci336news hashtag. You do NOT need to have any accounts in the U.S. cloud to view these materials within a browser. Students can post to the #edci336 tag. The #edci336news tag is to be reserved for instructor posts only.

Please be familiar with the OIPC Cloud Computing Guidelines for Public Bodies and engage in any cloud-based tools only as it may be your personal preference as it is NOT required to complete this course. Your instructor will go over options with you to support your preferences.