Educational and Technology Competencies

Educational and Technology Competencies:

To complete this course, you will need to demonstrate all of the basic technology and educational competencies given to you and posted on the course website and demonstrate at advanced technology competencies in at least two areas. These required competencies must be incorporated into either Assignment 1 or Assignment 2. They may also be integrated into an assignment for another course, so long as that course is not assessing the same competency being assessed in this course. Ideally, these competencies would be integrated in a meaningful way (e.g., screen capture video recording in a reflection on an tech inquiry question for Assignment 2 or an audio podcast of a guitar practice for Assignment 1). When this is not possible, you can simply discuss the skill and demonstrate it in Assignment 2 under the appropriate category as per the competency naming convention for categories found on the course website. Some of the competencies are achieved by just participating in class and documenting your experiences, creations, resources shared, and reflections on your blog. In all instances, you should tag each post demonstrating a competency with the appropriate category name and assignment category. If it does not fit into either Assignment 1 or Assignment 2, then use edtech as your category. You will be given a naming convention list for categorizing your posts. The list of basic and advanced competencies will be located on the class blog.

The blog will play an important role in the learning for this course, and will act as a communication tool between you and your instructor, as well as other course participants from your own or other sections of EDCI 336, and the open learning community, if your blog is public. You are expected to post weekly with updates for each of the two assignments and separately, if needed, to satisfy the competencies.