Blogging for the Beyond

Everyone should, by now, have had some experience making blog posts and customizing their blogs. We encourage you to visit the EDCI 336 Blog Hub to check out each other’s posts and to ensure that your posts are appearing. If not, contact your instructor. Now, we won’t always be here to aggregate your peer blog posts for you, so you should begin to explore how to set up your own Personalized Learning Network. Now, we have explored a bit how this is done with Twitter (see your twitter lists by cohort appearing under the Twitter Competencies page), but you can also do the same thing with blogs. Just like following people on Instagram or Twitter, you can follow blogs. One of the tools we recommend is Feedly (see resources and competencies for Feedly under the Technology Competencies menu of our site). Keep in mind, this is a cloud-based tool located outside of Canada, but if you want a RSS reader (blogs create “RSS feeds” that enable subscribing to them), this is a good one.

If you choose to get a Feedly account, first up you can decide which of your peers you want to follow (their URL lists are located on the EDCI 336 Blog Hub under “Blog Posts Per Course”). Beyond our course, however, you should consider what other blogs you might want to subscribe to. Some school websites have RSS feeds you can subscribe to, for example. We’ll put a list of a few education blogs, but it is up to you to find and subscribe to blogs of importance to you. You can subscribe to education sites, hobby sites, family sites, new sites, etc. You may also download the mobile app for Feedly to be able to read and catch up on posts while on the go.

If you find good blogs, feel free to recommend them to others on our course twitter hashtag or make a blog post about them and categorize the post “blogging” and “professional learning.” In the meantime, you may get started by following one or more (or all) of the following to get some content (and great ideas and resources) into your feed. 

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