Google Form for Public Sharing of Topics and Online Presence (optional)

We have created an online Google Form for those of you in the class, who would like to share their inquiry topics and online presence publicly. This form is also used to collect consent and information for sharing a Trello board to support inquiry projects this term. FIPPA and Privacy has been discussed extensively in class, so you should be aware that this is not required, but is available to you as per your privacy preferences. If you prefer to keep your responses private, you may email your instructor with your responses to the questions on the form instead of using the form. For more information about FIPPA and privacy, please visit our pages on that topic under Educational Competencies on this website. 

Please complete this form (or email your responses to your instructor) as soon as possible or before your third class at the latest. Note: you can submit the form again if you need to add a response to a field you previously left blank or if you are updated/changing your information.

Google Form for Trello set-up, Public Sharing of Topics, and Online Presence

EDCI 336 Course Site

Welcome to the website for EDCI 336: Technology Innovation in Education at the University of Victoria!

This is the main website related to the course. From here, you can find everything you need to make progress or to find help. On this site, you can also find links to the following important resources:

EDCI 336 Blog Hub – This site aggregates and curates learner blog posts. The link to this is on the top right side of the course website.

Twitter hashtags for the course are #edci336 and #edci336news, which are also linked on the top right side of the course website

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your instructor to give feedback on either site or email

We look forward to learning with you!